Stored Grain Management

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IFC - The Industrial Fumigant Company, LLC

The Industrial Fumigant Company, LLC

Diacon IGR and Diacon-D IGR Protectants

  • Broad spectrum, long residual protection.
  • Products of choice for tough lesser grain borers.
  • Versatile treatments: empty bins, grain mass, top dress.
  • Tank mix options with other insecticides.
  • Labeled for all grains, animal feeds.

Cidetrak IMM Mating Disruption

  • Non-toxic pheromones confuse males and prevent breeding. 
  • Proven effective against Indian Meal Moth and certain related species.
  • Season-long control from one economical application.

M&M Specialty Services

D&C Spray System

  • Centynal Insecticide kills a broad spectrum of stored product insects on contact. Whether it is applied directly to the grain stream or as an empty bin treatment, it helps protect stored grains against damage.
  • Diacon IGR goes where stored product insects go to provide long-term control and profit protection. Diacon is an insect growth regulator that breaks the insect life cycle.
  • Find out what applying a tank mix of Centynal Insecticide and Diacon IGR can do for your bottom line.
  • Simple and economical application equipment available (portable or permanent).

M&M Specialty Services

M&M Specialty Services

Products and Services

  • Fumigants – aluminum phosphide – ECO2Fume – ProFume.
  • Insecticides and rodenticides.
  • Protectants and IGR’s.
  • Traps and baits.
  • Pest control and fumigation equipment.
  • Spray equipment and systems.
  • PPE – monitors, respiratory, and more.
  • Commercial spraydowns and pretreats of empty bins.
  • Foggings.
  • Commercial fumigation services.
  • Training.

M&M Specialty Services

Tank Mix Diacon & Centynal

  • Complete control from larva to adult.
  • Active prevention of reinfestations.
  • One process to control all storage grain insects.
  • Profit protection.
  • Versatile application options (grain stream, empty bin).
  • Protection for extended storage periods.

Thermal Remediation® from TEMP-AIR

Heat Treat Bins and Silos – A Customized Solution

  • Pre-harvest heat treatment of bins and silos.
  • Heat treat:
    - On-farm metal or concrete bins and silos.
    - Empty storage bins in rotation for continued productivity.
    - In 4 to 8 hours.
  • Customized equipment sales and application training. 
  • Safe, effective, and environmentally friendly.

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