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Chief Agri

Chief CS90 Truck Probe

  • The all-electric CS90 truck probe is fully compliant with standards set by ISO-13690.
  • The patented spear design defies gravity to obtain samples from the very bottom of the load, assuring a truly representative assessment of the load’s quality and condition.
  • A 350 degree extendable rotating arm facilitates random sampling patterns to help detect mixed loads.
  • Variable volumes of samples are possible by adjusting the spear aperture.

CISCO Grain Probe

Systems Compnents

  • Midwest probe sales, service and installation.
  • Selling Gamet and Apollo probes.
  • Moisture meters.
  • Camera systems.
  • Service on all types of probes.
  • Annual inspections available.

CR Manufacturing

Color Camera Kits

  • Complete camera kits, ready to install.
  • Compact cameras are completely water-proof.
  • Does not require a camera enclosure/heater.
  • Provides a high quality picture.
  • Ideal for grain probes, rail loadouts and traffic monitors.
  • Kit includes – 60 ft. camera cord, 15 in. LCD monitor, power supply.

CR Manufacturing

Shuttle Grain Probe

  • Powered by low-pressure hydraulics.
  • Free-turning design.      
  • Hand-held pushbutton or joystick controls.
  • Pneumatic core sampling.
  • 120VAC or 208/240VAC electrical.
  • Signal buzzer and LED flood lights are standard.
  • Options: cameras, ticket returns, intercoms, long distance probing, traffic lights.
  • Installation available.

CR Manufacturing

Shuttle II Grain Probe

  • Single or dual truck lanes.
  • USDA GIPSA approved.
  • Low-pressure hydraulics.
  • 9-1/2 ft. to 14-1/2 ft. extendible boom.
  • Hand-held or joystick controls.
  • Pneumatic core sampling.
  • 208/240VAC electrical.
  • Free-turning design.
  • Installation available.
  • Options: Cameras, ticket returns, intercoms, long distance probing, traffic lights.

Gamet Manufacturing, Inc.

Apollo Truck Probe Sampling Systems

  • Models 610A and 17.
  • Core and compartment styles.
  • Supplied complete with all hydraulic, vacuum, and electric components required.
  • Short and long distance vacuum systems.
  • Dual joystick operator control station.
  • Modular, pre-engineered support pole and bridge systems.
  • Complete line of accessory items.

Gamet Manufacturing, Inc.

JaHam Truck Probe Sampling Systems

  • Models JT03, JT10 and JT20.
  • Core style truck probe sampling system.
  • Supplied complete with all hydraulic, vacuum and electric components required.
  • Short and long distance vacuum systems.
  • Hand held joystick operator controller supplied standard.
  • Modular, pre-engineered support pole and bridge systems.
  • Complete line of accessory items.

Grain Belt Supply Co. Inc.


Three types of 100% brass probes:

  • Brass Open Handle—(our most popular) Allows grain to enter at all levels simultaneously and empties through handle opening. 
  • Brass Compartmentalized—Allows the collection and separation of samples at different probe depths.
  • Spiral Brass Open Handled—Allows the sequential sampling of grain. Probe gates open and close at different times while the probe handle is turned by the operator.
  • Available in lengths of 40 to 144 in. Spiral probes are available in 40 to 96 in.


InterSystems Automatic Truck Probe

  • Heaviest design in the industry. 
  • Compartmentalized or core tip.
  • Free-standing and hydraulically operated.
  • Truck or railcar designs (4 models in all).
  • Extendable boom to 16 ft.

Probe-A-Load, Inc.

Probe-A-Load, Inc.

  • All-electric probe – 120v.
  • Hand-held control 24v.
  • Extendable arm 7 feet 6 inches to 13 feet 6 inches.
  • 359 degree rotation (adjustable).
  • Built-in traffic lights, flood lights, and signal horn.
  • Company delivery and installation available.
  • Optional: Camera system, grain return system.
  • Long range sampling option available.

Union Iron

Truck Probe

  • Commercial, industrial, and railcar models.
  • Breakaway stinger.
  • Fuse protection, motor starters, and disconnect included.
  • Dual joysticks.
  • Adjustable flow control and pressure settings.
  • Remote sampling option(to 300 ft.).

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