Power Transmission

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Baldwin Supply Company

Gearing and Bearings

  • Dodge shaft mounts.
  • S2000 bearings.
  • Imperial bearings.
  • Rexnord and Falk.

Premier Components, Inc.

Power Transmission

  • Elevator, belt conveyor, and screw conveyor drives available.
  • Dodge, Browning, and Falk Reducers available.
  • Dodge, Browning, Link-Belt, Rexnord, and many other bearings available.
  • Baldor, Toshiba, Weg, Leeson, and many other motor brands available.

Variable Automation & Manufacturing

FLEXBLOCK Gear Reducer

• Improved flexibility with 12 possible

configurations in one product to meet varied customer needs.

• Durable, long-lasting gear reducer can reduce labor costs and downtime by eliminating belt replacement.

• FLEXBLOCK gear reducers are factory-filled with food grade synthetic lubricant for the life of the product.

• Efficiency up to 93% can be reached with some of the configurations.

Variable Automation & Manufacturing

Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)

  • Protection against: motor overload; motor overheat; phase loss; and ground fault.
  • Reduce startup current and operation cost on equipment such as fans for temp storage.
  • Great for speed control to match other equipment and process control for starts and stops.
  • Ideal for on/off control of pumps and fans.
  • Can be used in processing for accurate speeds, different set speeds, or varied speeds.
  • Easy to install with parameters already loaded.

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