Loadout Systems

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Allstate Tower, Inc.

Super Structures

  • Quick and easy to assemble.
  • Single, double, triple, quad, and custom structures available.
  • Platforms with ladder and safety cage or stair access available.
  • Hot-dipped galvanized finish standard.
  • Foundation designs provided.

Bratney Companies

Loadout Systems

  • Loadout systems for dust control.
  • Truck loading to vessel loading capacities up to 42,000 ft3/hr.
  • Variety of unique features for grain, edible products, and by-products.
  • Control systems integrated and available for hazard environments.

Easy Automation Inc.

Pre-Weighed Loadout Hoppers

  • EAI Pre-Weighed Loadout Hoppers are practical and customizable. 
  • Alongside EAI’s loadout control system (Loadout Pro) this design is a seamless solution to loadout inefficiencies.
  • Customizable options include capacity, bin design, bin spacing, and more.
  • Independent framework – Load cells can be added for pre-weighing loads.
  • Different lid configurations available depending on loadout process.

Maljohn Company

UHMW Telescopic Spouts

  • Available in round, square, square-to-round, and rectangular shapes.
  • Lightweight (1/3 weight of steel).
  • Last 3-4 times longer than steel.
  • Reduce dust.
  • Ideal for grain elevators, feed mills, and fertilizer plants.

Redwing Technical Systems Inc.

Railcar Loadout Spout

  • Newly designed dustless spout.
  • Controls dust at most loadout locations.
  • Reduces material shrinkage and cleanup costs.
  • Helps meet EPA and OSHA standards.
  • Units available to handle up to 80,000 bph (or more) of grain.
  • Fully patented.

Cordova , TN • Toll Free: 877-753-3878 • Phone Number: 901-753-3878 • Email: dust@redwingtechnical.com • Website: http://www.redwingtechnical.com


Vortex Loading Spout

  • Redesigned for food-friendly applications.
  • 10-year warranty on all cables.
  • 4-cable lifting system to minimize weight stress.
  • 3-piece pulleys are CNC-machined for longer life
  • External sleeve controls fugitive dust.
  • Filters, air slides, and positioners also available.

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