Grain Grading/Lab Testing

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C.W. Brabender Instruments Inc.


  • Compact housing with low space requirements.
  • Plug and play: Ready to use.
  • Modular design, touch screen option available.
  • New software Metabridge® features as the new user interface.
  • Multi-access: Tracking of tests through multiple end devices at a time.
  • Measure water absorption of flours and determine wheat quality/flour stability.
  • Check production of flour blends in the mill.
  • AACC Standard nos. 54-21.02 & 54-22.01.
    - ICC standard no. 115/1.
    - ISO 5530-1.

C.W. Brabender Instruments Inc.

Quadrumat® Junior and Senior Lab Mills

  • The Quadrumat® line are Precision Lab Mills that yield flour and bran from grain samples for rapid milling of production equivalent test flour with flour yields of 65-75%.
  • The Junior capacity is approximately 500g in 5 minutes.
  • The Senior capacity is approximately 8-12kg per hour.

Codema LLC

Impact Huller VSH-2096

  • Designed to hull a wide variety of products including oats, sunflower seeds, spelt, hemp, barley, buckwheat, canary seed, cocoa beans, and other products.
  • The impeller speed can be precisely adjusted using the variable frequency inverter. Impact ring available in various materials to match specific hulling requirements.
  • Heavy, welded steel housing.
  • Low maintenance.

Corn Belt Testing Inc.

Grain Moisture Testing and Sampling Equipment

  • Grain moisture testing sales and service is our business.
  • National distributor for DICKEY-john’s GAC2500 UGMA.
    - Moisture, test weight, and temperature.
    - GIPSA approved – NTEP certified.
    - 149MHz testing technology – GIPSA standard.
    - Easy to use.
  • DICKEY-john authorized service center.
    - Loaners available.
  • We also supply other grain grading and sampling equipment.
  • Printers and printer supplies.

Doran Scales, Inc.

Grain Grading Scale - $995

  • Celebrating 40 years of manufacturing the original grain grading scale.
  • Calculates dockage percentage.
  • Units include grams, test weight in pounds per bushel and kilograms per hectoliter.
  • Cup selection – quart, pint or liter.
  • Durable 1000% overload protection and stainless steel housing.
  • NTEP legal for trade approved, GIPSA-approved equipment list. 

Mid-Continent Industries, Inc.

Auto-Kicker Automated Grain Analyzer

  • Integrates all your grain grading into one system. 
  • Low height requirements - under 9 ft. 
  • All components are accessible using a step under 4 ft. — no need for fall protection or climbing a ladder to reach the top. 
  • Fast and accurate — sample times just over 1 minute. 
  • Easy access to collection points. 

Mid-Continent Industries, Inc.

Kicker Dockage Tester

  • Provides fast, accurate, and consistent separations.
  • Grains: Shrunken and broken, overs/scalped material, clean grain, broken kernels, splits, aspirated material, dockage, or FM.
  • Greatly reduces hand picking of soybeans.
  • Monitor ship/barge loadout.
  • Results in 30-45 seconds depending on sample size.

Perten Instruments, Inc.

Approved Grain Moisture Meter – AM 5200

  • USDA certified as UGMA compatible.
  • NTEP approved.
  • Moisture, test weight, and temperature in 10 seconds.
  • Now accepted as moisture analyzer for all major grain types.
  • Integrate with most scale systems.

Perten Instruments, Inc.

Falling Number

  • World standard analysis of sprout damage.
  • Only validated instrument for approved methods – AACCI, ICC, ISO.
  • Detect sprouted grain before it enters your process.
  • Calculate grain/flour blend ratios and malt addition.
  • Affordable – detection of one load of sprouted grain can pay for an instrument.

Perten Instruments, Inc.

Flour & Dough Rheology – doughLAB

  • 10 minute water absorbance, stability, MTI, etc. – NEW AACCI method.
  • Double lab throughput.
  • Reduce claims and rejects with improved results with improved peak identification.
  • Use results to calculate blends to meet performance requirements.
  • Emulate commercial dough mixers with fast mixing and energy input.
  • 3 minute finished dough analysis.
  • Simple to use and clean with removable bowl and quick disconnects.

Perten Instruments, Inc.

Gluten Analysis - Glutomatic

  • Gluten quantity and quality.
  • Automated gluten washing.
  • AACCI method for wet gluten, dry gluten, Gluten Index, and water binding.
  • Use wheat meal – no test milling required.
  • Identify wheats with poor protein quality despite protein quantity.

Perten Instruments, Inc.

Lab Mills

  • Disc and hammer mills for sample prep.
  • Robust all-metal grinders designed to last.
  • Suitable sample prep for Falling Number, moisture, Glutomatic, NIR, and many other tests.
  • Ideal for sample prep of feed and ingredients.
  • Sound dampening cases for low-noise level.

Perten Instruments, Inc.

Lab/At-line NIR Analysis System – DA 7250

  • 6 second multi-component analysis – moisture, protein, ash, oil, fiber, starch, and more.
  • Fast, accurate , easy-to-use, versatile, and robust.
  • Flour milling package with automated packer – includes calibrations.
  • Feed milling, petfood, oilseed, corn, ethanol packages available.
  • On-site demonstrations available.

Perten Instruments, Inc.

NIR Process Analyzer - DA 7300

  • In-line process NIR for continuous, real-time measurement of moisture, protein, oil, fiber, and more.
  • Integrated into process control systems for automated or manual process adjustment.
  • Camera provides speck counts, color analysis, and unique video view directly into the process.
  • Remote connection allows managers to review results and video from anywhere connected to the web.
  • Our process team helps identify installation points.

Perten Instruments, Inc.

NIR Whole Grain Analyzer – IM 9500 Plus

  • NTEP approved.
  • 25 second, accurate analysis of moisture, protein, oil, and more.
  • Integrated test weight module available.
  • Calibrations included in purchase – wheat, corn, soybeans, barley, rice, canola, and more.
  • Remote administration, networking, and pre-harvest diagnostics.

Perten Instruments, Inc.

Performance Analyzer – Rapid Visco Analyser (RVA)

  • Rotational viscometer with programmable, variable shear, and temperature.
  • Measure functional properties of foods and ingredients.
  • Speed up R&D and formulation by using the RVA as a miniature pilot plant to emulate processes.
  • Screen incoming ingredients to verify performance prior to entering your process.
  • Measure pasting and gelling characteristics of starches, proteins, hydrocolloids, and gums.

Perten Instruments, Inc.

Sequential Precision Divider – SPD 4200

  • Provides small, sub-sample from a larger sample.
  • Accurate - Small sample is 3.125% the size of the larger sample.
  • Fast - Sample ready in less than 15 seconds.
  • Easy to use - simply pour the large sample and a smaller sample will be ready in seconds.
  • No power needed, gravity driven.

Perten Instruments, Inc.

Single Kernel Analysis – SKCS 4100

  • Automated tests of single kernels for weight, moisture, diameter, and hardness.
  • Grain uniformity in 3 minutes.
  • Results used to set up roll stands to improve mill yield.
  • Analyze small grains – wheat, barley, rice, and sorghum.

Perten Instruments, Inc.

Texture Analyzer – TVT

  • Texture analysis made simple.
  • Pulls, pushes, and cuts samples to analyze texture.
  • Methods available for staling, hardness, fracturability, firmness, springiness, stickiness, crispness, relaxation, and more.
  • Test new formulations or ingredients to see effects on texture.

Perten Instruments, Inc.

Volume Analyzer – BVM

  • Fast and accurate volume analysis using laser topography. New AACCI method.
  • 5 times more accurate and 10 times more repeatable than seed displacement tests.
  • Archive data – including 3-D model – for analysis, claims, and audits.
  • Test baked goods and extruded products – pup loaves, cookies, crackers, cakes, or buns.

Satake USA Inc.

FMS-2000 Quality Inspection Sorter

  • Compact and cost-effective with full color RGB cameras. Also available with size and shape sorting capability.
  • Ideal for small and medium size applications such as pre-production, laboratory use, and research development.
  • Easy to use touch screen interface similar to a smart phone or tablet.
  • Satake Smart Sensitivity (3S) software auto-calibrates accepted and rejected product during profile set up.
  • 2 chute options maximize product orientation during free fall inspection (flat and U-groove trays).
  • Quick and simple cleaning and maintenance with included wheels for easy portability.

Seedburo Equipment Co.

9000AG Computer Grain Scale

  • New user interface with a tactile feel on a printed circuit board substrate and domed buttons make it easier to tell if a switch is pushed.
  • Calculates dockage (foreign material) percentage, test weight results in pounds per bushel or kilograms per hectoliter, and gram weight.
  • Built-in memory allows samples to be stored and recalled, which makes calculating percentages simple.
  • Set-up for standard or reciprocal percent modes, cup selection (quart, pint or liter), active/frozen percent, and test weight selection.

Seedburo Equipment Co.

DICKEY-john GAC 2500-UGMA Moisture Tester

  • Utilizes latest grain moisture analysis method —149 MHz analysis technology.
  • Easy-to-use touch screen.
  • GIPSA (FGIS) approved and NTEP certified.
  • Repeatable and accurate.

Seedburo Equipment Co.

Ohaus Adventurer® Grain Scale

  • Stability, accuracy, and fast operation ensure optimal weighing results in routine weighing tasks. 
  • Easy and fast operation of Adventurer's applications. 
  • Equipped with dual USB ports and real time clock with GLP/GMP data. 

Seedburo Equipment Co.


  • A fast, easy way to obtain samples and maintain quality.
  • Sampling from top to bottom, up to 60 ft. deep and more.
  • Be sure your grain is free from insect infestation, mold growth, and moisture pockets.
  • Eliminate unnecessary shifting and turning of stored grain.
  • Fumigation – distribute solid or liquid insecticides.

Shore Measuring Systems

AM 5200-A Grain Moisture Meter

  • High frequency measurement for superior, wet grain performance.
  • Automatic operation.
  • Results in less than 10 seconds.
  • Government NTEP-approved.
  • Large color touch screen.
  • Optional flow-through provides for automated testing when the sample can be discarded.

Shore Measuring Systems

IM 9500 Protein/Oil Analyzer

  • Modern electronics and precision single-block optical components offer the highest accuracy among NIR grain analyzers.
  • Available to order with a Hectoliter Weight/Test Weight (HLW/TW) module integrated into the instrument.
  • Built to withstand harsh environments and rough handling.
  • NIR networking capabilities via Ethernet connection.
  • Available accessories include reference pellet check sample, flour module, small sample cell and ticket printer.
  • Government NTEP-approved for use in commercial grain transactions.

Shore Measuring Systems

Ohaus Adventurer® Grain Grading Scales

  • Automatically calculate percent dockage and test weight at the touch of a button.
  • Color touch-screen.
  • Stability levels to filter out vibration.
  • Auto calibration option.
  • RS232, dual USB ports, GLP/GMP compliance capabilities.

VMek Sorting Technology

Color/Size Sorter and Seed Analyzer

  • The Metrix Analytic Sorter is a full coloroptical sorter and product analyzer in one.
  • In addition to dividing the product into two streams using high speed ejectors, the Metrix calculates and logs detailed spatial and color information on each piece.
  • Information can be easily graphed, plotted, and exported for correlation analysis to make smart business decisions.
  • Highly accurate sorting by size and/or color for continuous or batch operation.

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