Dust Suppression

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E.J. Heck & Sons Co.


  • Economical mineral dust suppression.
  • Virtually eliminates airborne dust.
  • Manual, automatic, or computer controlled.
  • Simple and efficient in a compact design.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • New digital ammeter to replace unit’s original analog ammeter – offers reliability and longer life.


Dust Devil

  • Telescopic dust spout minimizes dust when discharging free-flowing materials.
  • Tough, simple, and affordable.
  • Six (6) sizes, from 12” to 22” diameter. Flexible polyethylene spouts will last for years.
  • Choose electric model with remote mounted controls or manual model with hand winch.
  • Use with most free-flowing materials.

Norwood-Young America , MN • 952-442-4450http://www.sackettwaconia.com

Sioux Steel Company

Dust Suppression Hopper

  • Reduce dust in the air and surface dust.
  • Easy to install with minor interruption to production.
  • No internal moving parts and no power or compressed air required.
  • Award winning, patented product.
  • Variety of sizes available to suit customer’s unique requirements.

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