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Ag Dryer Services, Inc.

Grain Dryer Service

  • Pre-season service contracts.
  • Service and parts on all types and makes of dryers.
  • Several reconditioned continuous flow grain dryers available — 500 to 5,000 bph.
  • Call for a free quote.

Bratney Companies


  • Drying/cooling sections are built with tapered air ducts to ensure homogenous air and grain distribution and the most uniform drying.
  • Discharge section has been designed to allow for uniform product. Discharge further ensuring consistency in the drying process.
  • User-friendly control system allowing easy recipe storage.
  • Fan system is entirely enclosed, thereby ensuring low noise levels and minimizing any emissions typical of other dryer types.
  • Collected dust and light particles from dust collection system are conveniently discharged.

Brock Grain Systems

Commercial Tower Dryers

  • Brock® Commercial Tower Dryer:

– Capacity range 3,000 to 10,000 bph (75 to 254 metric tons).

– Pressure heat, suction cooling.

  • Meyer Energy Miser® Tower Dryer:

– Capacity range 1,000 to 2,650 bph (25.4 to 67.3 metric tons).

– Full heat.

– Pressure heat, suction cooling.

– Pressure heat, pressure cooling.

• Brock’s line of grain dryers are unique in monitoring incoming and outgoing moisture levels to achieve their target moisture making the grain drying process accurate and energy efficient.

Buhler Inc.

Eco Dry Dryer

  • For corn, wheat, rice, and sunflowers.
  • Features Eco Cool, Eco Dry Flex technology.
  • Energy efficient featuring gentle heating technology.
  • Rugged product column and optional cladding.
  • Mobile model available.
  • Low dust emission.
  • Gentle and uniform drying.

Chief Agri

Continuous Mixed-Flow Dryer

  • Natural-gas fired dryer, which is rated at 4,500-bph at five points of moisture removal.
  • One of the largest hot air and exhaust plenums available, ensuring an even temperature across the dryer.
  • Structure is clad in plastisol galvanized sheeting, guaranteed to last 25 years, and this exterior is available in a variety of colors.
  • Operated with a simple Schnieder Electric touchscreen PLC control panel. (Siemens equipment is optional.)
  • Capacities up to 12,000 bph.

Decker Consulting & Investigations

Tower Dryer Burner Fall Protection System

  • (2)-Two person rated system.
  • Attaches to two vertical grain column dividers.
  • Dual parallel tracks/trolleys (passable).
  • Swings over burner for use.
  • Locks against wall for storage.
  • Available for new and existing dryer.
  • Dual system available – full interior above burner protection.

Delux Mfg. Co.

DPX and Tower Series

  • Vacuum cooled design provides very efficient, clean and quiet operation.
  • Exclusive StayKleen system reduces cleaning interior heat and cooling sections.
  • MoistureLink G2 PLC controller for easy accurate control with remote access.
  • Chain conveyor on dry grain unload.
  • Grain turners for better quality and efficiency.
  • Delux is a 55-year grain dryer manufacturer.

Delux Mfg. Co.

Low Profile Dryers

  • Designed for maximum efficiency with suction cooling.
  • Large grain holding capacity for improved quality and performance.
  • Clean and quiet operation.
  • Very low fill height.
  • Delux offers over 50 models to fit most needs.


Tower Dryers

  • NEMA IV control panel with PLC.
  • Large grain column holding capacities.
  • Simplified grain discharge eliminates sweep augers.
  • Capacities up to 10,000 bph.


Zimmerman Grain Dryers

  • Accu-trol metering system with self-cleaning design.
  • NEMA IV control panel with PLC.
  • Patented grain inverters improve quality and efficiency.
  • Capacities up to 12,000 bph.

Mathews Company

M-C Expandable Modular Grain Dryers

  • New Next Generation Legacy Series expandable continuous flow grain dryers with capacities starting at 700 bph up to 5,600 bph.
  • Multiple heat zones for fuel efficiency and higher grain quality.
  • Operate dry and cool or all heat for greater capacity.
  • Ultra quiet centrifugal fans with energy-efficient burner provides maximum combustion at all operating temperatures.
  • Innovative and easy, new Pinnacle 20|20 dual touchscreen control system comes standard on all dryers.

Mathews Company

Vacuum Cool M-C Tower Dryers

  • Energy efficient, quiet vacuum cool 10’, 12’, 18’ diameter Tower Series models with capacities starting at 560 bph to 4,800 bph.
  • Energy efficient burners with electronic gas proportional valve auto tunes fuel intake to maintain plenum temp; reclaims warm air for maximum energy efficiency.
  • Innovative and easy, new Pinnacle 20|20 dual touchscreen control system comes standard on all dryers.
  • Visit our new website www.mathewscompany.com

Mega Dryers

Unique Design Features

  • Up to 38,220 bph (980 mth).
  • Alternates periods of hot air circulation around the grain, with resting times without air exposure.
  • Requires over 50% less horsepower per ton of dried product.
  • Confines up to 85% of the fines removed by the drying air.
  • Minimum wear and maintenance plus low specific energy consumption.

Shanzer Grain Dryer

Shanzer Grain Dryers

  • Dryers for corn, rice, milo, soybeans, and sunflowers.
  • Capacities: 500 to 6,300 bph per module.
  • Multiple modules assembled to produce larger capacities, or still used as single units.
  • Superior-designed grain exchanger reduces trash which accumulates in other exchanges.
  • High carbon, wear resistant, woven wire screens on grain columns.

Sioux Falls , SD • 800-843-9887 605-336-0439 sales@dwindustries.us

Sukup Manufacturing Company

Tower Dryers

  • Capacities to 10,000 bph.
  • Grain exchangers turn grain for more equalized drying.
  • QuadraTouch ProTM controls make Sukup Tower Dryers easy to operate and the control box can easily be located remotely.
  • Stainless steel outer screens, nuts and bolts resist rust.
  • Extra-large wet holding bin features solid sheeting to keep grain dust and particulate matter confined within the dryer.
  • Optional particulate shroud (pictured).

Sheffield , IA • 641-892-4222 info@sukup.comhttp://www.sukup.com

TCR Systems LLC

Tower Dryers

  • Full construction capabilities.
  • Maintenance and repair crews.
  • Modular tower erections.
  • Preventive maintenance scheduling.
  • Other support services.
  • GSI dealer.

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