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AgVision Agribusiness Software

Grain & Cooperative Accounting Software

  • Commodity Manager is a powerful application and database for managing the procurement, storage, handling and sales of grain, seed and other ag commodities. Optional ACH add-on is available for grain payments. NTEP-certified Scale Interface is available in both traditional and touch-screen modes.
  • allows your customers 24/7 access to their invoices, contracts, tickets, maps, field history, and other important data.
  • Fertilizer Manager formulates blends, tracks inventory, field history and maps, and creates invoices.
  • AgVision Financials, payroll, customer history and patron equity offer a complete solution. Includes feed manufacturing and custom mixing, grain bank and shipment invoicing, storage and transportation billing, prepaid and booking contracts, and purchase orders and contracts.
  • In business for 40 years. Thousands of users nationwide.

DT Grain Processing Systems Inc.

Inventory Control

  • Customized software package for inventory control and blending capability for grain and flour, combined with latest microwave technology for accurate real time bin level.
  • State of the art technology increases efficiency, reduces blending and transfer errors, and replaces unsafe, labor intensive checking bin level.
  • Fully electronic flow balancers and customized software allow accurate grain blending.
  • Self-monitoring instrumentation and predictive maintenance software provides automatic audit trails and early warning system for bin level instrumentation as well as pressure gauges for tracking filter performance and motor control.

St Catharines , ON • 905-938-2882

Easy Automation Inc.

Feed Office Enterprise

  • The SQL- based program allows for central control of multiple feed mills, centralized order input and pricing while monitoring inventory levels at the site and macro levels.
  • Includes multiple value-added features such as the ability for multiple line order entry, formula versioning, and unit of measure conversion.
  • Users are able to manufacture and inventory stock items, maintain and sell bagged items, along with the ability to sell miscellaneous items such as animal health items and supplies.
  • Veterinary feed directives (VFDs) are stored and tracked within FOE to keep your facility compliant by alerting and attaching valid VFDs to each batch of feed with a prescription ingredient

Feed Ordering module:

  • A phone or web-based feed ordering solution for feed mills providing 24/7 web access for mill customers to order feed, report bin levels, and view order status.

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