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Bratney Companies

Cimbria Delta Cleaners

  • Over 30 models ranging from laboratory to 15,000 bph:
    • Unmatched efficiency and reliability.
    • Superior removal of foreign materials.
    • The performance lives up to our promise.
  • We deliver the world’s most advanced technology plus extensive experience with all sizes of companies in the grain, seed, milling, and other processing industries.
  • Contact us to discuss your unique cleaning and sizing needs.

Bratney Companies


  • Factory built and guaranteed Cimbria Delta Screens.
  • Additional screens available for Carter, Crippen, and Clipper brands.
  • Over 160 sizes of punched metal and wire mesh in stock.
  • Maximized open area for screening efficiency.
  • Popular sizes pre-built and in-stock for immediate shipment.
  • Metric sizes available for end-user export specifications.

Buhler Inc.

TAS High Capacity Grain Cleaner

  • Capacity of up to 10,000 bph.
  • Screening area of up to 48m2.
  • High efficiency aspiration combined with scalping and main sieving.
  • Developed with food safety standards in mind.
  • High level of sanitation.
  • Easily accessible maintenance points.
  • Fast sieve changes with front door accessibility.

Creamer Metal Products

Gravity Cleaners

  • Largest surface area per bph cleaned.
  • Screen sized for commodity.
  • Galvanized construction.
  • Adjustable baffle for optimized cleaning.
  • Weather tight construction.
  • Inspection doors.
  • By-pass spout option.
  • Service platform option.

Crippen Northland Superior Supply Co.

Air Screen Cleaner

  • Independently adjustable air volume control on each air system.
  • Patented ball tray screen cleaning system that allows screen removal without removal of ball trays.
  • Unique ball tray design features intercrimped wire retainer that does not have ledges for product hang up.

Crippen Northland Superior Supply Co.

Indented Cylinder Length Separator

  • Effectively separates grains, seeds, and other agricultural products by differences in length.
  • Variety of flow configurations from single cylinder to as many as 36 cylinders.
  • Capacities up to 6000 bu/hr.
  • Wide range of indent sizes available.
  • Cylinders are carbon-nitride hardened for long life.
  • Simple operation.

Crippen Northland Superior Supply Co.

NS - 33 x 120 Rotary Screen Cleaner

  • Ability to remove both small and large foreign material from a vast variety of grains, oilseeds, and pulse crops.
  • Superior rotation speeds allow for a maximum presentation of screen surface to grain and thus, much higher capacities.
  • Parallel flow and counter flow models in a wide variety of sizes. Capacities up to 12,000 bph.


Cleaner Separator – NSD 2

  • Double aspirator (inlet and outlet).
  • Quiet operation.
  • All enclosed.
  • For farms and commercial operations.

Brou , Centre-Val de Loire • 33-2-37-97-66-11877-281-1582 info@denis.fr

EBM Manufacturing, Inc.

Gentle Roll™

  • Non-vibrating rotary screener used for sifting, screening, and scalping grains and feed pellets.
  • Gentle handling prevents breakage and product damage.
  • Only screener to condition pellets while screening to further reduce fines.
  • Quick and easy screen inspection and replacement.
  • Wide range of capacities available, including up to 15,000 bph.

ERIKS - Kansas City

Replacement Screens

  • All makes and models — Clipper, Crippen, Delta, Carter Day, and more.
  • Available for immediate delivery.
  • Best cost and quality in the industry.
  • Frames also available.

ERIKS - Norfolk

Replacement Screens

  • All makes and models — Clipper, Crippen, Delta, Carter Day, and more.
  • Available for immediate delivery.
  • Best cost and quality in the industry.
  • Frames also available.

ERIKS - Wichita

Replacement Screens

  • All makes and models — Clipper, Crippen, Delta, Carter Day, and more.
  • Available for immediate delivery.
  • Best cost and quality in the industry.
  • Frames also available.

Ferrell-Ross Roll Manufacturing Inc.

Flo-More High Capacity Drag Scalper

  • Two models available: 15,000 and 20,000 bph based on yellow corn through a 1/2 inch square opening wire screen. Larger openings available.
  • Single screen 48w x 300L or 60w x 300L.
  • Total screen area – 100 ft2 or 125 ft2.
  • Drag paddles are UHMW, 3/8 thick, steel backed.
  • Heavy-duty pillow block bearings and supports.
  • 10 hp motor – 3/60/230-460.
  • Flo-More is a product of Ferrell-Ross Roll Manufacturing, Inc.

Ferrell-Ross Roll Manufacturing Inc.

Rotary Scalper / Cleaner

  • Models available from 1,000 to 10,000 bph.
  • One drum, three screens. Total screen area –87.96 Ft2.
  • Screens are 28 inch ID x 48 inches long.
  • One – 5 hp motors – 3/60/230/460.
  • One – gear reducer drive.
  • Sheaves, belts, and OSHA-type drive guards.


InterSystems Gravity Cleaner

  • Capacities ranging from 1,500 to 40,000 bph.
  • 60,000 bph internal by-pass on 40,000 bph model.
  • Patented internal proportional by-pass allows fine touch FM control of cleaning process.
  • Safety-edged screens can be completely changed by hand—no tools required.
  • Energy saving—no horsepower required.
  • Spreads grain evenly for maximum efficiency.
  • Screens sized for each application.

Magik Kleener Sales Inc.

Gravity Grain Kleener

  • Efficient cleaning no outside power requirements.
  • Can reduce costly dockages from foreign material.
  • Tool free screen removal and maintenance.
  • Can reduce aeration costs, cut down on hot spots in the grain mass and reduce drying time.
  • Units available to do 700 bph to 60,000 bph.

Mid-Continent Industries, Inc.

Newton Grain Cleaner

  • Efficient and cost effective operation with minimal maintenance costs.
  • Portable or stationary.
  • Three cleaners in one: scalper, screener, and aspirator.
  • Reduces screen blinding by brushing screens from underside.
  • Screens quickly and easily change for different grains and conditions.

Profile Industries Inc

No Risk Just Rewards

  • Reduce clean-out 5-15%.
  • 20% time savings.
  • Increase in Profits
  • Turnkey solutions.
  • Easy installation.
  • Long lasting durability.
  • Heavy-duty construction manufactured with welded galvanized steel cores.
  • Thorough separation.
  • Four separating turns to ensure effectiveness.

Profile Industries Inc

Rotary Separators

  • Reduce operating costs.
  • Increase seed value.
  • Maximizing your current equipment.
  • Eliminating down time.
  • Capacity 10-1000 bph.
  • Available in 1,2, and 4 core units.
  • Seed types: soybeans, corn, canola, mustard, wheat, alfalfa, peas, brassica, and more.
  • Free lab testing
  • In-stock, ready to ship.

Q-Sage Inc

Air Screen Cleaner

  • Each machine is engineered and manufactured to your specific needs while providing long service life and solid return on investment.
  • Custom machine application options allow for modern, efficient Q-SAGE Air Screen cleaners to fit or retrofit into existing seed and grain plant facilities providing effective upgrade solutions.
  • Q-SAGE Air Screen cleaners can be manufactured to accommodate legacy screen inventories from other manufacturers providing improved overall equipment upgrade costs.
  • Fully Enclosed Air Screen cleaner option available now – please contact Q-SAGE for more details and specifications.

Mt Pleasant , MI • 989-775-2424 tim@q-sage.com

QC Screen Co.

QC Screen Co.

  • A fully integrated perforator and manufacturer of high quality replacement screens and frames, utilizing state-of-the-art perforating and woodworking equipment.
  • For all brands of cleaners including: Carter, Clipper, Crippen, Delta, Hance, Huntley, Northland, S.Howes, Westrup, and more.
  • HD-18 heavy-duty 18 gauge.
  • High performance—Herringbone pattern.
  • Ultra-cap screen—Increased open area.
  • Tooling for over 140 sizes and shapes.
  • Custom perforating for special applications.
  • Shaker/screener replacement balls.
  • We guarantee our quality to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Mount Pleasant , MI • 989-775-3594 doug@qcscreen.com

Triple/S Dynamics, Inc.

Texas Shaker®

  • Straight-line motion, long-stroke, zero-pitch.
  • External four-bearing vibrator module.
  • All-oil lubrication for easier maintenance, longer bearing life.
  • All-steel enclosed dust-tight construction.
  • Vibration isolation better than 98.5%, with either cable or Pendulink™ base-mounted suspension.
  • Optional QC (Quick-Change) construction with two-part screen frame/ball rack design; self-cleaning screens.
  • Visit our web site for more information.

Warrior Mfg., LLC

Cleaning Equipment

  • Capacities from 3,500 to 40,000 bph.
  • Proportional internal by-pass (manual or electric).
  • High cleaning efficiency.
  • Replaceable liners.
  • Screens for a variety of grains.

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