Bucket Elevators

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Anex Manufacturing

Bucket Lift

  • Continuous overlapping bucket lift.
  • Gentle handling.
  • Durable design construction.
  • Available in a wide range of sizes.
  • Cost effective.
  • All parts are interchangable with existing; ALS, ALH, BES, BEM and BEH series bucket elevators.

Brock Grain Systems

Bucket Elevators

  • For long life and maximum radial loads, Brock's bucket elevators feature all-galvanized steel construction with painted weld seams and pillow block bearings.
  • Head platforms wrap around the front of the head, offering ample clearance for service and inspection.
  • Access doors are located at the boot, discharge and pulley lagging area.
  • Capacities range up to 60,000 bushels (1,520 metric tons) per hour.

Chief Agri

Material Handling

  • Bucket elevators, horizontal chain conveyors, incline conveyors.
  • Heavy construction for years of service.
  • Capacities up to 60,000 bph.
  • Part of the Chief family of products.

Creamer Metal Products

Bucket Elevators

  • High quality galvanized or stainless steel.
  • Capacities to 50,000 bph.
  • Lifting eyes, lined head covers, and discharge side lagging all standard.
  • Dust tight, built with precise tooling.
  • Bolted construction for easy access.
  • Safety labeling.
  • 100% boot cleanout.
  • Heavy-duty boot sections—7 gauge.
  • 10 gauge unified trunking available.
  • Larger platforms, hot dipped safety cage, and ladders.

Global Fabrication, Inc.

Pro-Line Bucket Elevators

  • Capacities to 60,000 bph.
  • Head section has split hood design, liner through impact zone. Pillow block bearings and slide lagged pulleys.
  • Boot section with screw/gravity take-up combination. Pillow block bearings. Lined boot inlet standard.
  • 10 ga. trunking. Access/service panel bolted and hinged. Pressure relief panels with safety cable as required.
  • Standard finish is powder coat paint. Galvanized or stainless steel construction are optional.

Grain Belt Supply Co. Inc.

Bucket Elevators

  • 500 bph to 8,000 bph units in stock.
  • 8,000 to 15,000 bph stock industrial duty bucket elevators.
  • Up to 20,000 bph capacity elevators.
  • Custom manufacture any bucket elevator to specifications.
  • Powder coated.
  • Catwalks, steel ladders, and cages.


Bucket Elevators

  • Capacities up to 60,000 bph.
  • Standard powder coat finish with galvanized construction option through 20,000 bph capacities.
  • Standard boot construction of heavy-gauge steel and huckbolted structural angle iron frame.
  • 14 ga., 12 ga., or 10 ga. trunking with unique, bolted double cross-tie design providing rigidity and squareness.
  • Standard head section has split hood design for interior accessibility. 42 in. and 48 in. models have large inspection doors, pressure relief panels, and lagging inspection doors.
  • Options and accessories available.


InterSystems Bucket Elevators

  • Capacities available to 80,000 bph.
  • Feature rich design; honest capacity ratings; precision manufacturing; pillow block bearings; slide lagged pulleys; safety labeling; and detailed computer performance calculations.
  • Stack straight -- run quietly.
  • Options: Gravity boots; self cleaning boots; all galvinized work platforms and ladders/cage; motion sensors; and drives.
  • Painted, galvanized, or stainless steel construction.

Hayes & Stolz Ind. Mfg. Co.

New Design Bucket Elevators

  • Less internal air pressure due to more relief area in head design which promotes more efficient cup loading and discharging.
  • Inspection doors at key locations.
  • Continuous weld leg construction.
  • Capacities up to 60,000 bph.
  • Carbon steel, galvanized, and stainless construction.

Newell Machinery Co. Inc.

Bucket Elevators

• Slow and high speed designs.

• Virtually any capacity available.

• Designed for your application and product.

• Available with gravity and self cleaning boots; service platforms, ladder and cage; jib cranes and monorails for drive service; lining of any type; plus many other options.

• Easy maintenance and installation.

• Built for years of service.

• In business since 1900.

Norstar Industries Ltd

Bucket Elevators

  • Capacities from 100 to 60,000 bph (6” – 48” pulleys).
  • Single, double, or triple-wide buckets.
  • Low-impact elevator head design.
  • HD shafts and pillow block bearings.
  • Laser-aligned and track welded trunking.
  • Winged “Easy-Clean” boot pulley.
  • Galvanized or powder coated finish.

Rapat Corporation

Gerber ‘Smooth Lift’

  • Designed for economy and top performance.
  • Noise, turbulence, and materials damage are reduced through specialized design.
  • Heavy-duty construction ensures long working life while providing material handling efficiency.
  • Easy access simplifies maintenance.

Ross Manufacturing Co.

Bucket Elevators

  • Painted, galvanized, stainless steel, or your specifications.
  • Capacities: 200 to 30,000 bph.
  • Pulleys: Heavy-duty drum type, double disc.
  • Leg section: Seam welded to prevent twisting and corrosion in corners — common in lockform legs.
  • Seam welded legging permits heavier than 14 gauge material.

Schlagel, Inc.

Bucket Elevators

  • Single and multiple row design.
  • Ten standard models – capacities to 80,000 bph.
  • Standard construction of painted mild steel, optional galvanized, or stainless steel.
  • Ladder, cage, and platform standard in galvanized material.

Sukup Manufacturing Company

Bucket Elevators

  • Capacity to 60,000 bph (48-inch pulley).
  • Low-impact head design allows grain to slide gently along the contour of the head, instead of bouncing off of it.
  • Split-head construction for easy interior accessibility.
  • Galvanized construction.
  • Heavy-gauge, huck-bolted legs.
  • Exclusive squaring plates with patented alignment pins ease construction.

Sheffield , IA • 641-892-4222 info@sukup.comhttp://www.sukup.com

Sweet Manufacturing Co

Silver-Sweet® Bucket Elevators

  • All galvanized construction with USA prime steel, including hot-dip galvanizing of all structural steel (G140 and stainless optional).
  • Capacities up to 55,000 bph.
  • Tapered boot hopper for optimum bucket fill.
  • Ten-foot service door with 8 feet of service access.
  • Bolted assembly for easier installation and service.
  • Steel buckets and rubber belting standard, plastic bucket, and PVC belting options available.
  • Zinc-plated tie rods, nickel plated bushings, and hot-dip galvanized motor mounts standard with all drive packages.
  • Heavy-duty spherical roller bearings on Aristocrat and Titan Series.
  • Available with gear motor or v-belt drive package.

The Essmueller Company

Bucket Elevators

  • Capacities from 1,750 to 62,500 cfh.
  • Continuous welded dual leg sections.
  • Available with self-cleaning and gravity boots.
  • Painted, stainless steel and galvanized.

Universal Industries Inc.


  • Continuous overlapping bucket elevator.
  • Offers gentle handling for materials that are susceptible to impact damage.
  • Available in several different configurations Including: C, Z, double Z, flat, or incline.
  • Bolt-on intermediate discharges and modular design allow for easy installation, system reconfiguration, and/or system expansion.

Universal Industries Inc.

EASY DUMP® Bucket Elevators

  • Twin trunk casings that are designed to be dust tight and free from ledges for product to accumulate on.
  • EASY DUMP® capacity speeds utilize gravity discharge to reduce mechanical damage.
  • Known best for moving easily fluidized, friable, and/or abrasive materials
  • Available in carbon, galvanized, or stainless steel construction.

Universal Industries Inc.

UniMAX™ Bucket Elevators

  • Capacities: 2,000 -18,000 bph.
  • Available in carbon, hot-dipped galvanized, or stainless steel construction.
  • Standard self-cleaning wing pulley in boot.
  • Slide lagged head pulley.
  • Standard ¼” boot construction for heavy-duty use.

Warrior Mfg., LLC

Bucket Elevators

  • Capacities up to 75,000 bph.
  • Available in hot-dipped galvanized, painted, and stainless construction.
  • Generous clearances in all directions.
  • 1/4 in. boot construction.
  • Concentric locking bearings.
  • Screw, gravity, or self-cleaning boots.
  • Variety of drive configurations.

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