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Control Stuff Inc

Control System Development, Design Fabrication and Installation

  • Safety is #1.
  • Ease of use.
  • Greater throughput.
  • Multiple tasks.
  • Precision blending.
  • Prevent mis-binning.
  • Source/destination.
  • Our objective is your satisfaction.

Easy Automation Inc.

Custom HMI Grain Handling and Batching

  • Provides automated control of all your grain handling equipment.
  • Easily expandable to meet the growing needs of your system.
  • Custom designed screens approved by customer.
  • Log in anywhere via internet, cellphone, tablet (Ipad), or PC.
  • Receive text message of status.
  • EAI support available 24/7.
  • Choice of touchscreen or PC based.

Kasa Controls & Automation

Automation Solutions

  • Level 4 automation.
  • Aeration automation.
  • Source/destination control.
  • Hazard monitoring integration.
  • Data collection and reporting.
  • Predictive preventive maintenance.
  • Receiving/loadout automation.
  • Energy management solutions.

Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc.

Automation Systems

  • Lot tracking, traceability, and validation using RFID and barcode scanning. Interface with business systems, can provide supervisory remote control.
  • Custom designed with process knowledge: we match your requirements with the best process controls and automation systems, for one piece of process equipment or your entire plant.
  • Systems for material handling, grinding, mechanical conveying, mixing/blending, material transfer, truck/rail loading, loadout, and more.
  • State-of-the-art hardware and software platforms (Allen Bradley PV+ and FactoryTalk ME, Microsoft .NET, etc.). UL Listed control panel manufacturer for the USA and Canada.

Variable Automation & Manufacturing

V-Smart Facility Automation

  • Prevent downtime with belt, bearing, vibration and plug sensors.
  • Reduce downtime with on screen alarms that pin point when and where failure occurred.
  • Control and monitor at the equipment or from a remote location with a computer or smart phone.
  • Every system is scalable and can be designed to fit any specific requirements.

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