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Power Transmission

FLEXBLOCK Gear Reducer

• Improved flexibility with 12 possible

configurations in one product to meet varied customer needs.

• Durable, long-lasting gear reducer can reduce labor costs and downtime by eliminating belt replacement.

• FLEXBLOCK gear reducers are factory-filled with food grade synthetic lubricant for the life of the product.

• Efficiency up to 93% can be reached with some of the configurations.

Bin Unloaders/Sweeps

Bin Sweep Back Plate Brush

  • One-inch nylon brush that attaches to the bottom of a bin sweep.
  • Two-inch adjustment.
  • Nylon bristles provide excellent abrasion resistance, long self life, and bend recovery.
  • Available in 5-ft. sections.
  • Additional applications and configurations available.

Power Transmission

Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)

  • Protection against: motor overload; motor overheat; phase loss; and ground fault.
  • Reduce startup current and operation cost on equipment such as fans for temp storage.
  • Great for speed control to match other equipment and process control for starts and stops.
  • Ideal for on/off control of pumps and fans.
  • Can be used in processing for accurate speeds, different set speeds, or varied speeds.
  • Easy to install with parameters already loaded.

Monitoring Equipment

VMS – Multi-Use Sensor & VES – Electrical Sensor

  • Install the VMS on a diverter valve, distributor, gearbox, motor or gate to detect rotation and position. 
  • Install the VES to detect phase loss or motor overload.
  • No mechanical parts to break, wear or fill with water.
  • Voltages: 120V to 240Vac, 12V to 24Vdc.
  • Molded cable or Plug in cable.
  • Outdoor or explosion proof rated.

Level Indicators

VLS – Level Sensor

  • No mechanical parts to break, wear or fill with water.
  • Voltages: 120V to 240Vac, 12V to 24Vdc. 
  • Normally open, normally closed or both no/nc. 
  • Diameters:12mm, 18mm and 30mm. 
  • Sensing distances: 2mm to 70mm. 
  • Molded cable or plug in cable. 
  • Outdoor or explosion proof rated. 
  • Optional UHMW cover for high wear applications.

Bin Unloaders/Sweeps

V1 Automatic Push Tractor

  • Easy, cost effective bin sweep compliance.
  • Push tractor with controller automatically operates sweep augers.
  • Designed to keep employees out of grain bins during cleanout.
  • Will fit any existing model or size bin sweep. Complete new systems also available.
  • Models range in weight from 100 to 145 lbs.
  • Mobile and fits in any bin door.

Automation Systems

V-Smart Facility Automation

  • Prevent downtime with belt, bearing, vibration and plug sensors.
  • Reduce downtime with on screen alarms that pin point when and where failure occurred.
  • Control and monitor at the equipment or from a remote location with a computer or smart phone.
  • Every system is scalable and can be designed to fit any specific requirements.

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