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Bucket Elevators


  • Continuous overlapping bucket elevator.
  • Offers gentle handling for materials that are susceptible to impact damage.
  • Available in several different configurations Including: C, Z, double Z, flat, or incline.
  • Bolt-on intermediate discharges and modular design allow for easy installation, system reconfiguration, and/or system expansion.

Bucket Elevators

EASY DUMP® Bucket Elevators

  • Twin trunk casings that are designed to be dust tight and free from ledges for product to accumulate on.
  • EASY DUMP® capacity speeds utilize gravity discharge to reduce mechanical damage.
  • Known best for moving easily fluidized, friable, and/or abrasive materials
  • Available in carbon, galvanized, or stainless steel construction.

Bucket Elevators

UniMAX™ Bucket Elevators

  • Capacities: 2,000 -18,000 bph.
  • Available in carbon, hot-dipped galvanized, or stainless steel construction.
  • Standard self-cleaning wing pulley in boot.
  • Slide lagged head pulley.
  • Standard ¼” boot construction for heavy-duty use.


UniVey® Belt Conveyors

  • Slide and idler applications to suit a wide variety of industries and capacities.
  • Capable of handling your bulk materials in both horizontal and incline orientations.
  • Available in lengths and widths to accommodate job requirements.
  • Wide range of belt types/materials to fit applications.
  • Structurally sound frames made from carbon, galvanized, or stainless steel.


Uni Tube® Tube Conveyors/Field Loaders

  • Drive over conveyors for fast truck unloading; 1500 Series capacities up to 6,000 bph and 2200 Series capacities up to 10,000 bph.
  • 1500 Series tube conveyors with 15 in. belt in 10 in. tubing; capacities up to 6,000 bph. Available in Short Field Loader®, field loader, and standard tube conveyor tails.
  • 2200 Series tube conveyors with 22 in. belt and 14 in. tubing; capacities up to 10,000 bph. Available in Short Field Loader®, field loader, and standard tube conveyor tails.

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