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Monitoring Equipment

Hazard Monitoring Systems

  • BearScan 24 bearing temperature and belt alignment systems.
  • MT400 motion sensors and control systems.
  • Continuously on-line to alert management of potential problems with overheated bearings and misaligned leg belts.
  • Compatible with any Type-T thermocouple sensor.
  • Reads up to 24 points of either bearing or belt alignment system.
  • Built-in memory for set points in case of power loss.
  • Individual operator adjustable set points for each sensor.
  • The perfect retrofit for old, obsolete monitors.

Grain Temperature Systems

Grain Temp and Motion Monitoring Systems

  • Worldwide sales of custom grain monitoring systems.
  • Wireless grain monitoring systems – Internet and satellite based.
  • Motion monitoring systems.
  • Handheld instruments: BTM - Bin Temp Memory (computerized), and Bin Temp (manual entry).
  • Console – reads grain temperatures at a single location.
  • PC3010 – computer software grain temperature information system with color 3D graphics.
  • Remote switch – used with the console or PC3010.
  • Service, installation, free quotes, and tech support.

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