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Dust Collection

Dust Control Systems

  • Dust control design.
  • Dust control blowers and silencers.
  • Cyclone dust collectors.
  • Sheet metal lines and fittings.
  • Baghouse filter collectors.
  • Pneumatic systems.

Bin Level Indicators-Continuous

RadarTrack™ Continuous Level Indicator

  • No moving parts for increased reliability.
  • Accurate, real-time reading improves safety by eliminating the need for personnel to go into silo or bin roofs to monitor fill.
  • Wireless systems reduces installation costs and eliminated conduit and wiring.
  • Free Android and iOS connectivity.


SafeTrack™ Wireless Temperature Monitoring

  • Clear graphics for at-a-glance analysis.
  • Scheduled and manual scanning and reporting.
  • View reports on PC, web page, or via e-mail.
  • Remote scanning over the network or internet.
  • Approximate grain level and volume measurement.
  • Graphing of temperature trends.
  • Extremely rugged thermocouple cables.
  • Digital data for accuracy and reliability.
  • Detailed audit trail.
  • Free Android and iOS connectivity.


Aeration Systems

  • Aeration fans to 80 in. SP and 250,000 CFM.
  • Roof exhaust fans to 45,000 CFM.
  • Half round and full round duct.
  • Flat sheets and floor supports.
  • Power roof vents for fumigation systems.
  • 5000# drive-over aeration floor.

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