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Magnetic Separators

• Permanent magnets manufactured utilizing only the highest grades of rare earth and ceramic materials available.

• Wide range of standard products with EZ CLEAN and POW-RCLEAN features available.

• Heavy-duty stainless steel enclosed construction.

• Industrial, food grade, and sanitary options.

• Custom design and engineering assistance are available for difficult applications.


Magnetic Separators

  • Plate magnets.
  • Suspended magnets.
  • Grate magnets.
  • Air-Vey magnets.
  • Drawers magnets.
  • Liquid Trap magnets.
  • Drum magnets.
  • Hump magnets.
  • Magnetic pulleys.
  • Vertical spout magnets.
  • Rotary feeders.
  • Angled spout magnets.
  • Remove ferrous tramp metal for a cleaner product and to extend the life of your processing equipment.


Hump Magnet

• 100% stainless steel enclosed construction.

• Dual magnets for added protection.

• Twin Trap face design for added protection.

• Heavy duty stainless steel angle inlet and outlet flanges.

• Heavy duty latches, hinges, and handle for easy access.

• EZ CLEAN™ option with hinged stripper face to simplify cleaning.


Plate Magnet

• 100% stainless steel enclosed construction.

• Maximum reachout and control designs for effective removal of ferrous contaminants.

• Heavy duty latches, hinges, and handle for easy installation and maintenance.

• 1in. wide dust control flanges.

• All welded construction for rugged use.

• Four standard strengths to choose from, and in widths to match most chutes.

• Custom sizes, designs, and mounting.

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