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Grain Conditioning/Cleaning

Automatic Bulk Scale Control Systems

  • I410 system including I400 transmitter and I410 ABS terminal.
  • I410 ABS software.
  • User defined product and operation files.
  • Allows easy change-out of products handled.
  • Provides capability of remote control and data sharing through industrial field bus: CAN Open, MODBUS, TCP/MODBUS, Profibus-DP, DeviceNet.
  • Use to upgrade existing ABS control systems.
  • Optional supervision data bulk ABS software.
  • NTEP certified.

Grain Conditioning/Cleaning

Automatic Bulk Scale Weigh Hoppers

  • Expanded product line and capacities.
  • Custom applications.
  • Legal for trade models with NTEP certificates.
  • Compact design maximizes throughput while minimizing space requirements.
  • Optional Self Check Scale (SCS) feature.

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