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Dockage Testers

Kicker Dockage Tester

  • Fast, accurate, and consistent separations.

• Separations: Overs/scalped, aspirator, shrunk and broken/splits, clean/sized grains, dockage and FM.

• Greatly reduces hand picking of soybeans.

• Easy access to collection points.

• Results in under a minute depending on sample size and model.

Grain Analyzer

Auto-Kicker Automated Grain Analyzer

  • Integrates all your grain grading into one system.
  • Low height requirements - under 9 ft.
  • All components are accessible using a step under 4 ft. — no need for fall protection or climbing a ladder to reach the top.
  • Fast, accurate, consistent.
  • Automatic results in under 90 seconds, depending on sample size and process type.
  • Monitor ship/barge loadout.


Newton Grain Cleaner

  • Efficient and cost effective operation with minimal maintenance costs.
  • Portable or stationary.
  • Three cleaners in one: scalper, screener, and aspirator.
  • Reduces screen blinding by brushing screens from underside.
  • Quickly and easily change screens for different grains and conditions.

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