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Safety/Transportation Equipment

Wire Rope Barge Puller

  • For moving one barge, or five barges, a wire rope barge puller can be engineered for your needs.
  • Rugged construction to stand up to the rigors of the river.

Safety/Transportation Equipment

Scamp Reversible Indexer

  • Reversible hydraulic indexer for use in two directional applications.
  • Usually arranged to index a string of cars one car length at a time.

Safety/Transportation Equipment

Nolan HCM Indexer

  • Dependable hydraulic power and push button controls for one man spotting of hopper, tank, and other bulk handling rail cars.

Safety/Transportation Equipment

Continuous Barge Unloader Indexer

  • The hinged (pivoted) digging ladder unloader provides optimum service for low water level fluctuations.
  • The cantilevered, single or double digging ladder unloader will accommodate large water level fluctuations.
  • Both hinged and cantilevered types can discharge up to 4,500 mtph.

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