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Stored Grain Management

The Industrial Fumigant Company, LLC

Diacon IGR and Diacon-D IGR Protectants

  • Broad spectrum, long residual protection.
  • Products of choice for tough lesser grain borers.
  • Versatile treatments: empty bins, grain mass, top dress.
  • Tank mix options with other insecticides.
  • Labeled for all grains, animal feeds.

Cidetrak IMM Mating Disruption

  • Non-toxic pheromones confuse males and prevent breeding. 
  • Proven effective against Indian Meal Moth and certain related species.
  • Season-long control from one economical application.

Safety/Maintenance Equipment

Gas Detection Equipment

Single gas instrument: Draegar Pac 7000 

  • Rugged construction and easy to use.
  • Field serviceable; replacement batteries from local hardware stores.
  • Inexpensive.

Confined space instruments: BW Gas Alert Micro 5 Series

  • 5 - gas with 12 sensor options.
  • Electrochemical, PID and IR sensor options.
  • Extensive intrinsic safety certifications.

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