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Dust Collection

EFR Series High Pressure Baghouse Filter

  • Honeyville Metal manufactures a complete line of dust collection equipment. Fans, cyclones, airlocks, and filters, up to 58,000 cfm.
  • 110º involute cone section inlet.
  • Explosion relief panels.
  • 16 oz. mirror finish bags with galvanized wire cages.
  • No-tool top removal bags.
  • Cone inspection cover.
  • Pulse Jet high pressure bag cleaning.



  • Original brush seal design with no up or down movement on inside swing-spout.
  • 8 Models 6” through 20” in 45º or 60º flow, flat back and full round, up to 18 outlets.
  • Hot-dip galvanized with no-tools service door & optional service door platform.
  • Positive locking stainless steel index plate located under distributor for protection from dust and weather issues on manual control models.
  • Expanded throat on internal swing-spout, optional urethane liners for extended life on all wear surfaces.
  • Swing-spout assembly rotates on (4) guide bearings at the top and a flange ball bearing at the bottom for a smooth and easy movement.
  • Electronic position control optional in place of pipe or cable controls.


Drag Conveyors

  • Capacities up to 26,000 bph in galvanized or stainless steel construction.
  • Horizontal enmasse with optional ar-200 bottom and side liners.
  • 45° Incline farm line with pit hoppers and grates, optional ar-200 bottom liners.
  • 45° Incline industrial line with pit hoppers and grates, optional ar-200 or 400 bottom and side liners.
  • 45° Incline reclaim under grain bin floor with gates, optional ar-200 bottom liners.
  • All bolted construction for easy installation and service.
  • Uhmw flights bolted to chain attachments, chain and paddles factory installed in horizontal drag trunk sections.
  • Class II gears reducers, drives and guards factory installed.


Catwalks/Conveyor Supports

  • Galvanized bolted construction with hot-dip galvanized weldments.
  • Pre-assembled with handrails only knocked down to reduce field labor.
  • Bottom box truss design with 24 in. wide
  • gripstrut walkways and handrails.
  • 46 in. x 24 in. model for 40 ft. clear spans
  • and 72 in. x 30 in. model for 60 ft. clear spans.
  • 4-leg support towers for each catwalk model.
  • 2-leg bin sidewall towers with bin stiffener
  • adjustable anchors.
  • Engineered for supporting horizontal and incline drag conveyors.

Material Handling

Bucket Elevator Support Towers

  • Hot-dip galvanized, structural grade ASTM A325 hardware.
  • Engineered for heights, wind loads, bucket elevators, distributors, platforms, stairways, and service ladders.
  • Switch-back service stairways, top and internal service platforms.
  • Jig-welded square tube design in 20 ft., 15 ft., and 5 ft., weldments with 2-1/2 ft. options.
  • Upright and inverted vee bracing for conveyor access to elevator boots.
  • Designed per IBC 2012, ASCE 7-10, and AISC ASD 14th edition.

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