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Automatic Bulk Weighing Scales

  • Capacities to 60,000 bph.
  • NTEP certifiable.
  • Totally enclosed housing.
  • Large capacity garners.
  • Rice Lake and Cardinal electronics.
  • Hydraulic or pneumatic controlled.
  • Hydraulic power systems available.
  • Hydraulic controlled track spouts available.
  • Specials built to suit application requirements.


STRONG SCOTT Horizontal Ribbon Mixers

  • Capacities 1/4 to 5 ton.
  • Single, double, or triple discharge gates.
  • Drop bottoms available.
  • Surge hoppers available.
  • STRONG SCOTT planetary drives.
  • Replacement ribbon assemblies available for all brands of mixers.
  • STRONG SCOTT feed equipment parts.

Grain Handling Accessories

Grain Handling Spouting Accessories

  • 2 and 3 way valves.
  • Square to rounds.
  • Special transitions.
  • 2 and 3 piece reversible elbows.
  • Specialty steel and stainless steel fabrication.
  • Transfer spouts and sleeves.
  • Rack and pinion gates.
  • Driveway chutes.
  • Spouting.
  • Flanges and clamps.

Dust Collection

Dust Collection Systems

  • STRONG SCOTT high efficiency cyclones.
  • Ducting.
  • Special fabricated pickup plenums.
  • System blowers and fans.
  • Complete system engineering.


Strong Scott Swing-Arc Distributors

  • 2,000 - 60,000 bph capacity.
  • Manual or electric control.
  • Grain and feed applications.
  • Electric version includes positive positioning using encoders and PLC controller.
  • VFDs with braking capability eliminate brake panel.
  • Urethane or ceramic lining available.
  • Manufactured by Gerbers of Montana.


STRONG SCOTT KleenFlo Drag Conveyors

  • New product from Gerbers of Montana.
  • Round bottom design.
  • Completely self-cleaning and self-cleaning tail terminals.
  • 6 in. through 20 in. sizes.
  • Available with manual, pneumatic or hydraulic curved discharge gates.
  • Engineering and design capabilities.
  • Call for pricing and availability.

Bucket Elevators

STRONG SCOTT Bucket Elevators

  • 1,000 - 20,000 bph capacities.
  • Heavy-duty construction.
  • Jig built trunking.
  • Class II bearings and shafts.
  • STRONG SCOTT exclusive cast iron boot take-up frames.
  • Quality grain handling equipment at a competitive price.

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