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Spomax RZ with Custom Rotors for Detacher, Infestation Destroyers

  • Spomax detachers with single rotor, increase finished flour up to 30% from “break dust”, with no change in ash.
  • Spomax, aggressive, ‘twin’ rotors, as illustrated increase yield.
  • Spomax infestation rotors for flour and grain.

Feeders Weighing

Spomax Gravimetric Feeder MDD- 50

• Precise proportioning of dry micro ingredients to flour by loss-in-weight.

• Hopper equipped with agitation paddles

• Gravimetric feeder for accuracy and traceability of micro-ingredients such as vitamins (ascorbic acid), dry gluten, egg powder, as well as, flavouring agents and colorants.

• Capacity: 0.3-3kg/hour

• Stainless steel construction with off-the-shelf drives

• Process control options include automated control and integration with yield management and process scales.

Grain Conditioning/Cleaning

Libra Process Scale

  • Automatic, accurate weighing of flour and other free flowing materials, up to 275,000 lbs/hour.
  • Sealed Clam shell and double butterfly gates, with Festo pneumatic cylinders results in sanitary and easy to maintain design.
  • Libra scales supplied with “off the shelf” controller with customized, yield management programming.
  • One controller capable of control of up to 21 scales, with I/O for PLC system integration.
  • Designed and manufactured by Spomax.

Feed Equipment

Spomax FMO7 Roller Mill

  • Gull wing design with feed roll pack for superior sanitation and maintenance.
  • Built-in explosion proof panels for electrical and pneumatics.
  • Roll on frame design for stability and consistent gap setting.
  • FM08 two high roller mill arriving soon.

Feed Equipment

FERKAR Universal Mill

  • To produce whole grain flour and semolina, as well as, lower ash flour and semolina from pearled grain, up to 6,000 lbs. per hour, with 50 hp Ferkar 31.
  • High capacity and low energy consumption.
  • Closed grinding system maintains integrity of ground product, preserving the aromas and fine dust.
  • Grinding and sieving at the same time.
  • Self-contained air cooling enables continuous mill operation.

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