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Fall Protection

Ladder Cable Fall Protection Systems

  • Stainless steel systems for harsh agricultural environment.
  • Systems designed for hollow rung and solid rung ladders.
  • Continuous single cable systems with offset platforms.
  • Easy roll past intermediate cable brackets.
  • Adjustable bottom bracket with tension indicator disc.
  • Harness available with front and back attachment points.
  • Ladder SRL fall protection systems with tag line.


Tower Dryer Burner Fall Protection System

  • (2)-Two person rated system.
  • Attaches to two vertical grain column dividers.
  • Dual parallel tracks/trolleys (passable).
  • Swings over burner for use.
  • Locks against wall for storage.
  • Available for new and existing dryer.
  • Dual system available – full interior above burner protection.

Safety/Maintenance Equipment

Advanced Grain Rescue System (AGRS)

  • Rescue: tube/wall, auger, grain walker shoes.
  • Aluminum frame.
  • Polycarbonate panel.
  • Ultralight weight.
  • Tube or wall configuration.
  • Bolt together construction.
  • Clear – see in/out.
  • Fits through 24 in. opening.
  • DCII Grain Walker Shoes.
  • Auger – capacity up to 2 bushels/minute - 1/2 in. drive.

Safety/Maintenance Equipment

Grain Engulfment Prevention/Retrieval System

  • SS knot passing/pmp pulleys.
  • 8mm prusik cord transfer line.
  • Forged “D” anchors.
  • 2000# engineered anchor point/davit arm mount system.
  • 1/2 in. life line - pre-rigged.
  • 1/2 in. belay line - pre-rigged.
  • 1/2 in. haul system 4:1 - pre-rigged.
  • Auto-locking rope grabs.
  • Rescue harnesses.
  • Aluminum davit arm.
  • Farm systems available.

Safety/Maintenance Equipment

Portable Concrete Silo Side Entry Lifeline/Retrieval System

  • Portable system.
  • Knock down design.
  • Clamps on utilizing 8 hardened cone point bolts.
  • 3-way SRL.
  • 100 ft. SS 3/16 in. cable.
  • WLL = 310#.
  • Aluminum davit arm.
  • Active life line.
  • Integrated retrieval system.

Safety/Maintenance Equipment

Sloped Roof Retrieval System (SRRS)

  • Clamp-on adjustable base.
  • Telescoping tri-pod tower.
  • Aluminum.
  • Linear screw rotates rigging head past eave for lowering.
  • Custom bags.
  • Rope or winch option.
  • Patent pending.

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