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Cleaning Equipment

Gravity Separator

  • Urethane coated overcovers, custom eccentric amplitude, and refined air control systems produce unequaled capacities per square foot of deck area.
  • Tapered riffle design, bottom purging cutout gates, and more aggressive deck overcovers allow operators to achieve fraction purities second to none.
  • Backwardly included fan configuration and precisely regulated air system create a more even air distribution plus the maximum amount of cfm per hp requirement at a substantially lower noise level.

Cleaning Equipment

NS - 33 x 120 Rotary Screen Cleaner

  • Ability to remove both small and large foreign material from a vast variety of grains, oilseeds, and pulse crops.
  • Superior rotation speeds allow for a maximum presentation of screen surface to grain and thus, much higher capacities.
  • Parallel flow and counter flow models in a wide variety of sizes. Capacities up to 12,000 bph.

Cleaning Equipment

Indented Cylinder Length Separator

  • Effectively separates grains, seeds, and other agricultural products by differences in length.
  • Variety of flow configurations from single cylinder to as many as 36 cylinders.
  • Capacities up to 6000 bu/hr.
  • Wide range of indent sizes available.
  • Cylinders are carbon-nitride hardened for long life.
  • Simple operation.

Cleaning Equipment

Air Screen Cleaner

  • Independently adjustable air volume control on each air system.
  • Patented ball tray screen cleaning system that allows screen removal without removal of ball trays.
  • Unique ball tray design features intercrimped wire retainer that does not have ledges for product hang up.

Cleaning Equipment

NS Aspirator

  • Effective solution for dust, fines, and chaff removal.
  • Available in open circuit or closed circuit models.
  • Available in widths from 24 in. to 115 in.
  • Also available with scalping reels.

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