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Safety/Transportation Equipment

Low Dog Retarder

• 7,500 lbs. holding force if empty railcar.

• 45,000 lbs. holding force if low dog retarder is on one side of fully loaded railcar.

• 60,000 lbs. holding force if low dog retarder is on both sides of fully loaded railcar.

Safety/Transportation Equipment

Bar Retarder

• Used to stabilize the railcar with no grade.

• Designed to hold railcars in place. Bar retarders are most often used in conjunction with a railcar indexer. Indexer spots the railcar and the retarder secures it as the indexer lets go and retrieves to hook up to the next car.

Safety/Transportation Equipment

Railcar Indexers & Progressors

  • One way or reversing.
  • Bogie or axel pushers.
  • Move one to 100 cars.
  • PLC controlled.
  • Moving speed of 25 to 40 fpm.

Safety/Transportation Equipment

Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Gate Openers

  • 1200 and 1800 ft/lbs.—torque at 30 rpm.
  • Walk behind, riding, or remote control models.
  • Power or manual traverse.
  • 180 degree swing to service two tracks.

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