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ECOtwin™ Twin-Screw Extruder

  • Highest degree of operating safety and user friendliness.
  • Easy cleaning and accessibility of all critical zones ensure a high level of sanitation.
  • Guaranteed product quality.

Grain Conditioning/Cleaning

Dampener Turbolizer

• Dampens grain before grinding in buthe milling process.

• It can add up to 7% of water in a single flow-through.

• High level of sanitation.

• Designed for easy maintenance.

• Homogeneous mixing of grain.

Grain Conditioning/Cleaning

Plansifter Sirius

• Sifts and grades wheat, rye, maize (corn), durum, oats, barley and soybean products.

• Easy maintenance and cleaning.

• High sifting throughput.

• Flexible modular design.

• High food safety standards.

Grain Conditioning/Cleaning


b• Compact grain cleaner with a high throughput, processing up to 100 tons per hour of grain.

• Free-standing unit or suspended from the ceiling.

• Wide choice of machine applications and screens.

• Save up to 50% of energy consumption.

• Designed to easily change wear parts.

Material Handling

Automatic Hopper Scale Tubex Pro

• Superior energy efficiency.

• Hygienic design.

• Outstanding precision.

• Optimized measuring algorithm.

• Cloud connectivity.

• Virtually no product build-up.

• Reduced energy consumption.

• Extended lifetime.

Feed/Milling Equipment


• Fully integrated grinding system.

• For grinding wheat, durum, rye, barley, corn and spelt.

• Save building investment costs.

• Homogeneous mixing and distribution of product .

• Improve grinding efficiency.

• Save up to 10% energy.

• Monitoring and operation of the grinding system from different devices.

• Plug-and-play.

• Designed according to the highest food safety standards.

• Wide range of sizes and options.

• Easy maintenance.B

Feed/Milling Equipment

Buhler Roll Service

• Best refurbishing and corrugation service.

• Increased capacity with 7 service centers.

• Expertise and access to parts and service.

• For all makes and models of roller mills.

Safety/Maintenance Equipment


• For purifying and grading semolina and middlings in wheat, durum and corn mills.

• Available as a single or double machine version with different mesh sizes.

• Configurable to your requirements.

• Adjustments can be done quickly and conveniently – no tools required.

• Product contact surfaces made of stainless steel or other food-safe materials.

• high separation efficiency.

• Ideal product distribution.

• Highest yields of white flour or semolina.

• Easy operation and maintenance.

Feed/Milling Equipment


• Industry-leading throughputs for fine grinding applications.

• Wide range of products.

• Exceptionally uniform particle size distribution.

• New standard for hammer mill safety.

• Designed for continuous heavy-duty operation.

• All wear parts are abrasion-resistant steel.

Dust Collection

Round Filter

• Clever, compact design.

• Efficient, cost-saving cleaning of filter bags.

• Effective filtration.

• Pressure shock-resistant design in accordance with regulations.


Combistoner MTCG

• The combistoner classifies and destones in a 2-step cleaning process.

• Broad range of applications.

• Add an optional MANW air-recycling unit to reduce energy.

• High throughput, up to 28 tons of grain an hour.


LBIA Enclosed Belt Conveyor

• Tensioning station with product inletMultiple conveyor inlets and intermediate outlets for product.

• Specially designed idlers and the return of material through the enclosed belt conveyor.

• Low energy consumption per ton of product conveyed.

• Operational safety and failure monitoring.

• Quick replacement of key parts.

Cleaning Equipment


• Complete cleaning system combining the functions of separator and combistoner.

• Modular overall system for grain cleaning.

• Maximum efficiency and sanitation at every step of the cleaning process.

• Up to 15% less energy consumption.

• Plug-and-play installation.

Automation Systems

Mercury MES

• Integrate your plant control and processes to increase efficiency and traceability, and for a clearer look at key data.

• The Mercury MES’s dashboard allows you to easily identify what happened, helping to reduce downtime.

• Designed for fast navigation, you can quickly intervene in the production process if there’s a problem.

• The Mercury MES integrates data from ERP, quality control, maintenance and other systems in a central database. It then uses these data to

automatically adjust and improve the production process.


SORTEX - Multi-Vision Inspection System

  • Offers superior machine performance, revolutionary technologies and balanced, stable sorting to deliver the best quality seed products.
  • Packed with innovative technologies including MultiVision inspection systems, PROfileTM , InGaAs, SmartEjectTM, Broadband LED Illumination and SORTEX ProSortXTM operating software.
  • No matter the capacity, sorting requirement or budget, the SORTEX A offers customizable options to tailor to customer needs.
  • For nearly 70 years, Bühler has taken the lead to deliver innovative optical sorting solutions in seeds, it is no surprise that so many seed processors choose Bühler.

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