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Commercial Tower Dryers

  • Brock® Commercial Tower Dryer:
    • Capacity range 3,000 to 10,000 bph (75 to 254 metric tons).
    • Pressure heat, suction cooling.
  • Meyer Energy Miser® Tower Dryer:
    • Capacity range 1,000 to 2,650 bph (25.4 to 67.3 metric tons).
    • Full heat.
    • Pressure heat, suction cooling.
    • Pressure heat, pressure cooling.

• Brock’s line of grain dryers are unique in monitoring incoming and outgoing moisture levels to achieve their target moisture making the grain drying process accurate and energy efficient.


Storage Bins

  • Take your grain to greater heights and larger capacities with Brock’s new EVEREST® line of grain storage bins.
  • Enhanced roof peak load strength – up to 130,000 lbs. (59,000kg).
  • More models and choices for storage silos – sizes from 15 to 156 feet in diameter and capacities up to 1.9 million bushels.
  • Brock’s EVERLOC® Roof Mount System efficiently and uniformly connects bins with Brock or LeMar catwalk and tower support systems.


Commercial Bin Sweeps

  • Brock’s MAVERIK® 4000 Series Sweep offers variable-speed technology with hydraulically-powered augers and a sprocket rail drive. Single- or dual-arm sweep options. Capacities range up to 15,000 bushels (381 metric tons) per hour.
  • Brock’s 3500 Series Sweep is designed for
    medium to heavy duty and features a sprocket rail drive. Capacities range up to 10,000 bushels (254 metric tons) per hour.
  • Both are dependable, top-quality sweep systems.
  • Both offer options for zero-bin-entry use.


Drag Conveyors

  • Brock’s Easy-Flo and Sur-Flo Drag Conveyors are available in a range of sizes to suit any facility’s needs and capacities up to 40,000 bushels (1,089 metric tons) per hour.
  • Brock’s Curved Incline Drag Conveyors can meet the need when applications require a steeper incline than the normal 10° maximum incline.
  • Both Brock conveyor systems are reliable and long-lasting products designed for 24/7 operation.


Catwalks and Towers

  • Standard catwalk span lengths up to 190 feet (58 meters) as well as custom trusses built to order.
  • Three styles of catwalks with a variety of finish options.
  • Brock's RightFit Design Catwalk support tower option offers economical 10-ft (3-m) sections and easier installation while maintaining the high quality expected from Brock Towers.
  • Patented Slot and Tab System connections offer easy assembly and precision consistency for exceptional connection strength.

Bucket Elevators

Bucket Elevators

  • For long life and maximum radial loads, Brock's bucket elevators feature all-galvanized steel construction with painted weld seams and pillow block bearings.
  • Head platforms wrap around the front of the head, offering ample clearance for service and inspection.
  • Access doors are located at the boot, discharge and pulley lagging area.
  • Capacities range up to 60,000 bushels (1,520 metric tons) per hour.


GUARDIAN® Series Centrifugal Fans

  • Efficient high speed – 3450 rpm – and low speed – 1750 rpm.
  • Totally-enclosed, fan-cooled (TEFC) motors standard.
  • Brock factory-tests all GUARDIAN Series centrifugal fans for fan balance to minimize performance-robbing vibration.
  • Reinforced, 12-gauge, galvanized steel housing for durability and long fan life.

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