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Design/Build Contractor Feed Mills and Seed Processing

  • Engineering, fabrication, millwright construction of turnkey feed mill and seed conditioning facilities.
  • AGRA’s professional engineering team is experienced and staffed to expedite the structural, mechanical, and process engineering for projects of any size.
  • AGRA manufactures complete bulk storage bin systems, box and production ear corn dryers, belt conveyors, husk chopping systems, feeder screw augers, bag houses, and structural steel for a complete project – worldwide.



AGRA conveyors are hard at work in processing facilities worldwide. Our durable construction and robust designs are developed to exceed your demands for efficiency and uptime reliability.

  • 3-Roll.
  • Tube.
  • Pan idler.
  • Vibratory.
  • Dryer fill (tripper/shuttle).
  • Bulk storage fill (tripper/shuttle).

Square Bolted Bins

Square Bolted Bins

AGRA Industries’ modular bulk storage bin systems are complete and robust. AGRA fabricates corrugated or smooth wall bins that are safe and efficient to install.

• Patented self-supporting bulk storage.

• Full-height bin panels – up to 60 ft. tall.

• Engineered roof decking and manways.

• Fully-automated tripper fill conveyors.

• Design-build structural steel and concrete.

• Custom designed hoppers, flow optimized.

• Engineering, fabrication, millwright construction.



AGRA screw feeders and live bottoms are reliable and robust.

  • Carbon or stainless.
  • Inverter duty motors.
  • Variable pitch flighting.
  • Standard sizes from 4 in. up to 18 in.
  • Square, rectangular, or circular inlets and discharges.

Grain Handling Accessories


  • Highest quality gate at lowest cost.
  • Heavy gauge construction.
  • Smooth roller wheel operation.
  • Air, rack and pinion, hydraulic, seed quality, rod and pipe, controllers, and electric gates available.
  • Standard frame design allows easy conversions infield at a later time.

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