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Grain Conditioning/Cleaning

Dickey-john Instalab 700 NIR Analyzer

  • Quality design and construction with customizable filters allows for reliable NIR results for protein content, cellulose, sugar, oil and fat, moisture, fiber, alcohol, and ash.
  • Rugged design insures dependability for grain processing, flour milling, ethanol production, feed processing, meat processing, and dairy processing.
  • A patented rotating sample cup virtually eliminates sample non-homogeneity problems.
  • Thermo-electrically cooled photo detector eliminates temperature drift.
  • Color touch screen and easy to use interface.

Grain Conditioning/Cleaning

Dickey-john GAC2500 UGMA

  • The GAC® 2500-UGMA grain analysis computer is the new industry standard for moisture testers from DICKEY-john®, the worldwide leader in grain moisture analyzers.
  • Utilizes 149 MHz technology, providing GIPSA approved and NTEP certified results.
  • Color touch screen and easy to use interface.
  • Precisely testing grain with temperatures ranging from -4° F to +113° F.
  • Three convenient locations across the Midwest offering sales and service of Dickey-john moisture testers:

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