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Airmatic Inc

Hopper Car Gate Openers

  • Wide range of wheeled cart, beam mount and portable gate openers in pneumatic, electric or manual power
  • Models with torque output from 1000 lb-ft to 13000 lb-ft to rapidly and easily open easy-to-open to extremely difficult-to-open slide gates.
  • Railcar opener speeds from 8-rpm to 1400-rpm to accommodate speed requirements of sites receiving a few railcars to unit trains.
  • Select a railcar opener based on number of cars unloaded, unloading site conditions, site security and budget.

Airmatic Inc

Trailer Trap Openers

  • Mobile (standard & narrow aisle); fixed position; and track/wall mount models to accommodate any unloading site.
  • No torque-reaction, manually-regulated dual torque output of 0-150, or 0-250 lb-ft to easily and rapidly open – but never damage – any trailer trap.
  • Precision machined, adapter fittings-set to fit all Timpte, Wilson, Merritt, and Cornhusker trailer traps.
  • Excellent ergonomic balance and control to maximize operator safety while minimizing operator fatigue.

Calbrandt, Inc.

Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Gate Openers

  • 1200 and 1800 ft/lbs.—torque at 30 rpm.
  • Walk behind, riding, or remote control models.
  • Power or manual traverse.
  • 180 degree swing to service two tracks.

Calbrandt, Inc.

Railcar Indexers & Progressors

  • One way or reversing.
  • Bogie or axel pushers.
  • Move one to 100 cars.
  • PLC controlled.
  • Moving speed of 25 to 40 fpm.

Compressed Air Systems, Inc.

ERGO | Electric Railcar Gate Opener

  • Ergonomic design.
  • Custom ordered to your specifications. 
  • Fits in tight spaces. 
  • Open gates with ease. 
  • Explosion proof model is available. 

Compressed Air Systems, Inc.

POGO I | Pneumatically Operated Gate Opener

  • Designed to open gates with stationary drive knuckles.
  • Finger tip controls.
  • Built-in lubricator. 
  • Instant power – opens gates in 2 to 4 seconds.
  • Pneumatic wheels.
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • Most economical POGO model.
  • Safer and more efficient than manual openers.

Compressed Air Systems, Inc.

POGO III — Pneumatically Operated Gate Opener

  • Designed to open gates with both the stationary style and rolling style drive mechanisms. 
  • Unique pneumatic controls – drive direction/wheel rotation; wheels rotate to roll with the gate. 
  • Instant power – opens gates in 2 to 4 seconds. 
  • Finger tip controls.

Compressed Air Systems, Inc.

POGO IV — Pneumatically Operated Gate Opener

  • Specifically designed to operate safely in a space as narrow as 40 in.
  • Steering control arm allows the operator to easily position the POGO IV.
  • Once in place, the pneumatic controls raise, lower, advance and retract the power unit – they also change the rotation direction of the drive bit.
  • Adjusts to varying capstan heights, making this model ideal for all gate applications.

ERIKS - Kansas City

Gate Openers

  • 850 foot-lbs. sustained output torque-capable of opening new GEAPS gate.
  • 3 hp Class 2, Group G, explosion-proof.
  • 100 to 1 gear reduction-direct coupled.
  • 17 rpm-open single reduction gates in seconds.
  • Available in stationary (above) and portable models (below).

ERIKS - Kansas City

Piston Vibrator

  • Piston vibrator allows for unloading hopper car.
  • Permits one man operation.
  • Normal operating pressure of 40-60 P.S.I.G.
  • Most applications use two units per car.

ERIKS - Kansas City

Skid Steer Hydraulic Hopper Gate Opener

  • Easy to mount on any Bobcat-type skid steer.
  • Wide frame provides stability during operation.
  • Controls are within easy reach.
  • Up and down leveling.
  • Hardened alloy head.
  • Opens 30-inch-square gates easily.
  • Opener is safe and easy to operate.


Continuous Barge Unloader Indexer

  • The hinged (pivoted) digging ladder unloader provides optimum service for low water level fluctuations.
  • The cantilevered, single or double digging ladder unloader will accommodate large water level fluctuations.
  • Both hinged and cantilevered types can discharge up to 4,500 mtph.


Nolan HCM Indexer

  • Dependable hydraulic power and push button controls for one man spotting of hopper, tank, and other bulk handling rail cars.


Scamp Reversible Indexer

  • Reversible hydraulic indexer for use in two directional applications.
  • Usually arranged to index a string of cars one car length at a time.


Wire Rope Barge Puller

  • For moving one barge, or five barges, a wire rope barge puller can be engineered for your needs.
  • Rugged construction to stand up to the rigors of the river.

Razor Tracking

GPS Fleet and Asset Management System

  • Gives you fast, real-time information on operational vehicles and large assets.
  • Maintenance management.
  • 24/7/365 alerts and reports.
  • No contract terms, 6-month seasonal suspension.

West Fargo , ND •


Tractive Effort from 26,000 lbs. - 85,000 lbs.

  • Capacities up to 60 loaded railcars.
  • Diesel, hybrid, and all-electric powered machines.
  • Pre-owned, reconditioned, and remanufactured units.
  • Rental, lease, and purchase options.
  • 24-hour nationwide field service.
  • Individualized operator and maintenance training.
  • Direct from factory parts.
  • Free track surveys available.


Tractive Efforts from 10,500 lbs - 80,000

  • Capacities up to 60 loaded railcars. 
  • Diesel powered Tier 3 and Tier 4 Final, All Electric.
  • Pre-owned, reconditioned, and remanufactured units.
  • Rental, lease, and purchase options.
  • 24-hour nationwide field service.
  • Individualized operator and maintenance training.
  • Direct from factory parts.
  • Free track surveys available.

Sudenga Industries, Inc.

Atlas NXT Bulk Feed Transport

  • Industry leader for unloading speed with capacities up to 8,500 pounds per minute (averages of 7,000 pounds per minute).
  • Massive horizontal-to-vertical transition houses a four-vane flipper that moves feed from the floor auger to the vertical auger at incredible speeds.
  • The inloading system is designed for very effective cleanout which reduces carryover to a minimum.
  • 12 in. floor auger, 16 in. vertical auger, 12 in. discharge auger.


Barge Haul and Breasting Winch Systems

  • Barge haul system – includes Smart Tension™
  • S-Series winches.
  • M-Series capstan.
  • M-Series gypsy winches.

Superior , WI • • Commercial Sales Consultant: Sean Tenerelli:

Trackmobile LLC

Mobile Railcar Movers

  • Tractive efforts 27,000 lbs - 60,200 lbs.
  • Move cars like a yard locomotive for less than half the cost.
  • Largest dealer support network for unmatched service.
  • 24-hour nationwide field service with stocked parts inventory.
  • Lowest operational lifetime cost.
  • Patent pending 360° surround view camera system.
  • Greatest consistency in traction, regardless of the weather.

Walinga USA Inc.

Ultra-Lite Bulk Feed Delivery Units

  • Maximum load capabilities.
  • Minimum weight to strength ratio.
  • Low maintenance requirements.
  • All aluminum long sills.
  • Extruded aluminum divider ribs.
  • Extruded aluminum roof rail — rain gutter.
  • Wireless remote control.
  • Air-operated hand-rails.

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