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Gentle Roll™ Mobile Screener

  • All of the capabilities of a standard Gentle Roll™, but designed as a mobile unit so it can be used at multiple locations.
  • Most commonly used to separate mixed grains, but can be used to clean grain as well.
  • Durable design, requires minimal routine maintenance.
  • Fully enclosed to provide dust control and weather proofing.
  • Quick and easy screen inspection and replacement.

Cleaning Equipment

Gentle Roll™

  • Non-vibrating rotary screener used for sifting, screening, and scalping grains and feed pellets.
  • Gentle handling prevents breakage and product damage.
  • Only screener to condition pellets while screening to further reduce fines.
  • Quick and easy screen inspection and replacement.
  • Wide range of capacities available, including up to 15,000 bph.

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